Vans x Peanuts

So from my last post, I had found out there was going to be a Vans x Peanuts collaboration being released sometime soon or later this year. To my surprise, I had just found out through ” Journey’s Shoes ” instagram. Vans x Peanuts will be released June 2nd. Yep, super soon! So I managed to find a couple of the sneakers that will be available and of course using the signature, iconic, classic Vans silhouettes. I am unsure of the prices but from the previous collaborators such as Disney, Pixar, Nintendo and now Peanuts it will be very affordable and for all.

A little tip when Vans releases these type of limited collaborations it’s at 3am est and 12am pacific time unless they changed it. So here are some of the pieces that will be available on the Vans site, Zumiez and Journey shoes.




I am super duper excited about these and just saw a couple of them on the #vansxpeanuts hashtag. It’s trendy, classic, cool, nostalgic for generations  and I am a 90’s baby. I can’t lie these will look great with my Uniqlo x Kaws x Peanuts tote bag and tee. I am not sure about the clothing and accessories but I hope it’s as good as this. Enjoy and happy hunting….that Snoopy dog house red fringe sneaker will be mine!


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