J.W.Anderson x Uniqlo

Uniqlo x J.W.Anderson here is the official link to the upcoming collaboration for Uniqlo. Yes that is right, the famous J.W.Anderson will be collaborating with Uniqlo for this Fall/Winter. Although no pieces, look book or images have surfaced online it’s going to be interesting to see what will happen among the two. It’s cool to see Uniqlo finally do more ” Fashion Things ” lately and these past couple of years. Uniqlo went from being super basic to who? and huh? to bringing in people like this, M.O.M.A., Kaws, Pharrell, Libery Art Fabrics, Disney, Pixar and many more. I am unsure what to expect but I hope it’s good.


This is Uniqlo’s opportunity to not be basic  so I hope they use it 100% to their advantage. If the video shows some of the pieces well it just looks okay, minus the detailed patch with his logo and Uniqlo combined. We will Have to see.jwanderson_uniqlo_index


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