Uniqlo x Kaws x Peanuts

Uniqlo x Kaws x Peanuts will be released online and in selected stores April 28th :). Who’s excited?  Prices: Adult Tees $14.50, Kids Tees $9.90, Plush Toys $19.90-$39.90, Tote Bags $14.90,  Room Shoes  $19.90. These are all affordable prices and I am sure this will be a massive success! But UNIQLO NEEDS TO LEARN HOW TO LIMIT THEIR CUSTOMERS! They know they will have to mass produce more than they had created last time to meet up with customers, sales etc. The limit should be one per style, per person, per card holder, per transaction, per paypal, per credit card and cash holder!. This is the only way they will learn along with the ” Captcha” that should be includes 3 times before the purchase actually happens.

Well here is a sneak peak of the collection. I hope there is more than what I am seeing so far Otherwise, I would love to take a plushies, maybe t shirts and maybe a tote bag? So far from what I can see, it just okay…kaws-peanuts-uniqlo-ut-collection-lookbook-1kaws-peanuts-uniqlo-ut-collection-lookbook-2kaws-peanuts-uniqlo-ut-collection-lookbook-3kaws-peanuts-uniqlo-ut-collection-lookbook-4


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