Vans Year Of The Rooster Drop

Just like Adidas, Nike, Converse and other brands, Vans has also take a spin on ” The Year Of The Rooster” drop. Now Vans has definitely changed with their designs on a lot of their silhouettes and even fabrics. For the first time we are seeing premium leather, higher priced vans, change in fabrics, more details of their design and more color along with design risks. I also noticed their collaborations are getting better in design, quality and fabrics. This is another hit and exceeding my expectations with what I’ve seen since I was a teenager from the brand. My favorites from the rooster drop so far have been Adidas and Vans. If your curious the only brands I wear foot wear wise are Adidas, Adidas Originals, Reebok, Vans and my occasional boots, chelsea boots, T.U.K. Creepers, loafers, winged tips and brogues.

I am unsure if this is being released in the USA but one of the shoes are available. The only shoe available in the USA is the YOR in color of an egg. I am really loving the design and quality of fabrics, it’s refreshing to see an iconic brand such as Vans take on a different route to execute the famous holiday. Below I have attached the ones that are available in Vans China and hopefully the USA sometime this month or next. My picks will be in a Tiled form.









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