Star Wars Rogue One 46 Shots

For all my geeks, Star Wars fans and my fellow hype babies, someone decided to show the entire world 46 shots that were not shown in the movie. I do understand some of these are in the trailer and also could be part of the Blurry/Dvd edition. For those who didn’t know the studio had to do some reshoots which affected the outcome and story line. Here is the link to watch every single shot Rogue One: A Star Wars Story . I actually loved this movie in it’s entire viewing but I was pretty shocked and sad at the end.

All though the ending isn’t what everyone had wanted and anticipated it created a new face of the possible direction Disney + Lucas Films will be taking. From what I remember the next episode is suppose to be dark. I honestly hope it’s as dark as this one but darker and crazier. I was shocked with the tone of this film went from cool to crazy to whoa to light and dark especially during the second half. The second half reminded me a couple of things; being a good person doesn’t mean you always win, stand and fight for the things you believe in and the good people always loose and end up with nothing. I don’t know if anyone caught on to that but I did.


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