Adidas Superstar Gold Toe

Adidas Originals will be rereleasing one of their classics with a new twist. Presenting the Adidas Originals Superstar Gold toe. This superstar will also be available in silver with the silver toe. This will be released in January 2017 hmmm just around my birthday…another considerable option to add to my closet. These and the Adidas Gazelle maybe purchase for January let’s see. But overall I am satisfied with this revamped version of it super cool, unisex, fashionable, trendy and it remind me of Daft Punk I love it.  I am guessing these are about $120-$150 price range. I would be shocked if these were lower.adidas-superstar-gold-silver-shelltoes-02adidas-superstar-gold-silver-shelltoes-03adidas-superstar-gold-silver-shelltoes-04adidas-superstar-gold-silver-shelltoes-05


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