Kenzo x H&M Review

So I know I am a month late but my review on this collection has finally arrived. Kenzo x H&M is still available online on their E-Commerce site but only certain items in certain sizes are available. I was very fortunate in October to attend the event and get pieces I wanted. Shockingly some of the items were reduced so I was able to get some after the original launch date. Also Thank You to the people who had given me 2 pieces I wanted as Christmas presents. Kenzo had collaborated with H&M this year for their ” yearly ” collaboration.

My first piece: the orange zig zag sunglasses. When I had saw these in October, I took them immediately in case I didn’t get the pieces I had wanted the first time. Trust me when I say this, everyone who attended that event went savage mode and took everything. I was so so on buying this but I am glad I did. I love this item. Nicely made with the cool details and the fun, Kenzo is also known for. Quality wise they are decent I can’t complain. They came with a pouch but I wish it was a hard sunglasses case. These are so cool, super fun, chic, unisex, trendy and overall something I can say I can wear for awhile. Oh festival season 2017 here I f***in come!img_0753

Second item: The multicolor leopard print long sleeve zipper shirt. This is a male item but women can also use this as a dress because its long and trendy. The combination of the colors and prints are bold, bright and wild but that’s what makes it special because it’s something you wouldn’t see. I had a hard time finding this piece, it actually took me at least 50 minutes I think to find it. I went to the male section and women section no show then by chance I finally found it in my size. I was super happy and excited to buy it. Overall I can’t complain about the item from the printing, quality and fabric is what I expected. I am very happy they didn’t use cheap zippers either. The only thing I can say about this garment is I wish they used a different type of cotton so it can be worn every season.


Third piece: Kenzo x H&M red key chain. I know this was a VIP exclusive and wasn’t available for sale but apparently they gave them out for free at some stores when people made purchases. This keychain is super cool. I am just happy I got it for free and the goodies and packaging that it was in. fullsizerender-6

Fourth piece: Kenzo x H&M socks these were a lot higher but after a week of it’s release it was reduced so much that it became so affordable. I was able to get these and at first I did not like them but then realized I do need more printed socks anyways. This was a score for the price. Can’t complain at all. I actually realized how great they look with the garments and etc. I love these prints definitely one of my favorites.fullsizerender-1

Fifth piece: The multicolored faux fur hoodie/jacket. I saw this during the launch and couldn’t believe how great of a piece it was in person. To anyone who got this garment you are so lucky. This sold out during the launch and in stories quickly and I do not blame them it’s a beautiful, fun, vibrant and timeless piece. I can’t say anything bad about this but its super comfy and warm and fabulous.img_0731img_0730-1img_0727-1

Sixth piece:The Reversible multi printed embroidered unisex silk kimono. Kenzo is the trendsetter and the creator of the kimono trend. So for anyone who was lucky to purchase this item you definitely hit gold. The details, fabric, presentation and colors came out fantastic, I was pretty impressed.The feeling of this garment felt so good. All the pieces from this collection look well made from what I have seen. img_0735-1img_0739-1img_0741-1img_0757

Seventh piece: Kenzo  leopard faux fury embroidered bomber jacket. This was a present to me. I loved this piece at first then didn’t. After the week of it’s release, I decided to hit up my local H&M store to find out there was somewhat a lot left but was quickly selling. I went to the fitting room and tried on the jacket and loved it but it didn’t give me life. The after seeing the jacket on other people then comparing it to myself then I realized I should’ve gotten it. But someone recently told me ” Merry Christmas” and as I open the present I see this jacket my face dropped and I was so happy to get it :).  The details from the embroidery, sitting, faux colored fur are all beautiful. The bomber jacket is a little short for a jacket which is normal but I wish it was a little longer because it would look more flattering.


Eighth piece: Kenzo Jungle blue screen printed embroidered organic cotton t shirt. This sold out so fast at stores than the launch.I was so so on buying this t shirt but I am glad I waited. Because somehow, I got lucky and was able to get this reduced. Thanks :). The fabric they used was organic cotton which is a cool concept but I wish it was a little softer. The details from the screen printed of the print and the heavy embroidery details were very impressive and true to the Kenzo DNA.Oh festival season will be lit next year. img_0718-1img_0717img_0716-1

Overall I am satisfied with the collection and pieces I was able to get. I do want to include I was able to get the jungle green animal print shoulder bag on sale. I do not regret anything I got or was given. I actually thought this collection was great but appealed to certain people. For those who have a boring wardrobe this is that collection to spruce it up and for those who love Kenzo like myself. I know there are pieces available online but in certain sizes and styles. I do think H&M needs to tone their prices down if they want to sell even quicker which they did after the launch. For example the kimono I got as a present was $300 and was reduced to $80.00 that is more reasonable and the socks from $30 to $10 was a better idea.

Whether you liked this collection or not it did sell, it was on social media and it got people talking. I did notice this appealed to everyone outside of the USA which I liked. Because sometimes the Americans like to follow what their favorite celebrities are wearing, what their friends are doing or the need fit in wearing what everyone else is. This was that collection that said ” fuck the trends, fuck fashion, screw what is happening, fashion is suppose to be fun”. The fact we needed that reminder is sad so sad. People have gotten so dull and monochromatic everyone is looking like a robot. Props to Kenzo and H&M I loved this more than the Balmain collection because the fabrics and sewing did not look cheap and poorly made. I am excited to see who’s next collaborator.

My favorite collaborations from the past have been  Versace, Marni, Maison Martin Margiela, Anna Dello Russo and Kenzo. img_0746-1


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