Adidas Originals Stan Smith Woven

Adidas Originals is back at it again with the revamped up Stan Smith Wovens’. I am unsure of the USA + Other Country release but these are definitely interesting to look at. I do know these are available in Atmos Japan and probably in Asia already. This is something completely new for the Adidas Originals line and Stan Smith shoe, the woven concept. Some may like it some may not, I think it’s innovative, creative but caters to certain types of people. My favorites are Classic Green + The Blue ones. I love the texture and it’s a huge step forward into a new direction since they always use leather.

Then again Adidas Originals x Pharrell they did get experimental on the drop that was inspired by tennis. They had used material that was used to make a tennis ball and I loved it. To be brutally honest, I wouldn’t even think the Stan Smith line would end up in my closet but after an interesting, educational conversation it stuck me. To the person who spoke to me, know that whatever was exchanged I kept it with me till this day. Now if this person ever sees this which is something I highly doubt Thank You ❤ .I appreciate it a lot even though you weren’t the first person that tried to put me on to it but you were the person that changed my perspective on them and that is what counts! Sometimes all you need is one person that one voice and that can change everything.

The only thing I wish they could’ve done differently that would have been game changing was if they switched the laces with a velcro strap. If this shoe had a velcro strap that would change the game then again I can always buy myself my own custom Adidas shoes anyways.



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