Adidas Originals x Pharrell : Floral Jacquard Pack

Adidas Originals x Pharrell : Floral Jacquard Pack will be released December 10th 2016. The backpacks are around $450 and the shoes will be $220. I do understand this is the second pack from using this fabric and I actually like this a lot more. The backpacks are awesome but it’s something I wouldn’t wear but appreciate. The shoes are amazing this time around. When both parties used the luxurious floral jacquard fabric it was cool but on this model for this collaboration I prefer it 100% more it’s just different. My favorite from this drop is the blue floral jacquard pack more than the off white one, there is something about the blue one that appeals to my interest.

Sigh as much as I would love to have this but do not have the funds. It’s definitely cool to look at. Whoosh hopefully this interview I had last week on Thursday hires me, well the assistant manager did say to stop by the store next week which is the week are in now. If this assistant manager hires me it’s about time someone did their job right! If not well at least I tried and never gave up. Unless I bump into someone who just says ” hey I’m the manager I saw your application wanna work here ? ” that is a one in a million chances I’d bump into any manger. If only people were that nice these days *roll eyes*.




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