Adidas Originals x BAPE Collaboration *My Picks + Opinion*

Finally we as fans, OG’s, hype’s can now finally nuts over the long hyped collaboration. For those in the USA, this will be released on November 26th at selected Adidas Original Stores, + All BAPE Stores.  The oversized, puffy, Classic Iconic Print zip up jacket goes for $280 not that bad. I am guessing the track jackets will be around $120-150 maybe cheaper? The shoe for sure is $150 that is my educated guess. Before I get into my opinion, I will show my favorite pieces from this small, limited collaboration.

My Picks/What I want

Yup These are the only pieces I like + Want and care for.

What do I think about the Adidas Originals x BAPE Collaboration? This is one partnership, I always had my eyes on but wanted to see how much both companies evolved together. I am very happy to finally see some garments in their collaboration but I wish there was more. I feel like BAPE cheated Adidas Originals. BAPE has done numerous partnerships with a full product line up, the question is what happened here? This looks stunning and something everyone would want and pay so much more for. Am I One of them? If it’s not retail I wouldn’t stress on it.From my humble experience Adidas Originals collaborations have had great quality with their product range but you never know. Maybe I am questioning it because of a recent purchase I just did earlier today at one of their locations. I had bought a beanie and as soon as I got it from one of their associates I just didn’t feel that vibe, the quality at all it felt off.

I really do hope whomever gets their hands on this collaboration that the quality is there and it isn’t cheapy but actually blows everyone’s mind. As for the beanie I bought and was hella hyped to get, I will be returning it tomorrow and getting back my money. I am so excited to see what is next from both companies. But now I am starting to see the differences in Adidas Originals quality now which is upsetting because I’ve been going to their store since 2012 and now its relocated deeper in Soho it’s not the same anymore. I do miss the times when the hypebeasts weren’t wearing Adidas and people were shocked to see Adidas doing cool stuff, I miss those days more than ever. This is someone who has only one shoe and one slide from the latest drops this and last year nothing else.

Your probably wondering why? well the truth is, being into fashion and doing unpaid slave worked internships is a cruel,cold,tiring and the struggle to survive and you want all these things but it’s out of your range. The ugly truth of being an intern is you may not even find a regular job even after it. Sometimes you get on interviews and get an unprofessional, rude attitude or get spoken down to or it goes well but no offer. Then your left wondering where to apply and then have to hustle to get stuff like selling things, doing things around the house just to make some cash. To anyone who’s ever interned make sure it’s paid because being unpaid not only sucks but its worthless on a resume take it from me. Also be careful when you get into higher brands they are the worst and they treat and look at you like your poor, I get it, I am an intern. I do not have that much money but it doesn’t mean I can become a somebody ,somehow, someday.


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