A Series Of Unfortunate Events Official Trailer

A Series Of Unfortunate Events Trailer So the official trailer for A Series Of Unfortunate Events has finally surfaced. We see a little mix and match up of familiar faces and a new setting, tone,scenery. The first part of the series will showcase the first four books and hopefully will continue unlike it’s first attempt. I know a lot of the OG’s, hardcore fans and fans are not as happy with the product but I say let’s give it a chance. It’s a little more colorful, a little more funnier but each book is 2 episodes. Maybe this is Netflix’s way of cutting scenes to make it look like it’s happy when its truly sad, I am kinda hoping Netflix doesn’t ever disappoint. Well January 13,2017 let’s go but I wish it was all leaked already.

One thing I will say is congrats on the diversity of humans playing the character this is a first and I LOVE IT! I also noticed the storyline seems a little different from the books which is why I am taking my sweet time in reading everything in case I miss something. Super excited still.


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