Kith x Rugrats

Kith is becoming one of those companies who collaborates with the most unexpected people from Power Rangers to now Rugrats. Everyone’s favorite 90’s cartoon is brought back to life for the streets and those who want their favorite cartoon on fashion like silhouettes. This collaboration will be available November 18th 2016 on Kith’s website, All Kith Locations & Kith Shop In Bergdorf  Goodman. I am unsure of the pricing but this is a cool collaboration but it lacks in effort and poor execution. It would’ve been nicer to see more details then the typical ” slap and stick”. Slap and Stick can work for certain things and I can’t lie I do like/buy some of it but to me this does not work at all.The Embroidery + printing looks decent but when it comes to designing it falls flat.

The Kith x Rugrats collaboration could’ve been better than the Power Rangers but I prefer Power Rangers over this. The sad part of me writing this is, I grew up with these classic  cartoons and this was just plain boring. I can buy something cooler at Hot Topic or actually get one of those cool ” Nick Boxes” which I do want 100%.  I would rather diy some Nickelodeon + Handmade my own garments that invest into this. Kith take some notes, it’s cool to do these quirky animated collaborations but work on the execution. From a design perspective this is the same thing Forever 21/Hot Topic does who are you fooling! The only thing that works for this collaboration is the quality that is it.

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    • Of course I did not forget it mentally but writing I thought that collaboration as also a sleeper. Well Kith is a popular company and appeals to a certain type of person. I guess we can consider this an ” alternative” street wear.

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