Palace x Adidas Originals 2016 Fall/Winter

Palace x Adidas Originals 2016 Fall/Winter this will be released November 11th. There are pieces I do like and some I can skip on. Below this little thread, I have attached a full product line up of what will be available. To be honest, I have always wanted Palace inside my closet both their collaborations with Adidas Originals & their own line but never had the luck and at times personal reasons. I do like most of the collection, the look book and presentation. Will I be lining up? Maybe or Maybe online is the better option?  Too bad I don’t know the plug, oh well.


Product Line Up

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My Picks

To be honest I really want the socks and the hat! Maybe I will head to my local Adidas Originals Store this Friday? I am so tempted then again my experiences going there haven’t always been the friendliest and fondest which is now why I avoid them as a whole. Good luck to everyone who gets what they want 😀

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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