Adidas Parley Ultra Boost November 2016

Adidas Parley Ultra Boost November 2016 the link to their upcoming release which will be released . Adidas Parley is a joined project to use plastic from the ocean and creating products such as the Adidas Parley Ultra Boost along with a garments. This is a completely new concept to the sneaker market/culture but for those into fashion like myself this isn’t a new concept. In 2014 while I was in class, I came across an article with Pharrell Williams & G Strar Raw. In this article the two were collaborating on a upcoming collaboration using plastic from the ocean and developing an entire garment collection using thread made from the ocean. Pharell x G-Star Collaboration was released the year after, it did give people a new take on how to use ” Pollution In A New Way “. Although this is a recyclable concept I appreciate the effort and the push to innovate in a huge way, props to the Adidas team for that!  I am unsure of the pricing but I do know this is one shoe I like from their upcoming releases this month.

I do not have any of the ultra boost but I have the energy boost which are just as great. I do love the details such as the colored stitching and the colors of the two very smashish. These and the BAPE NMD’s are the only ones I want so far. Even though I probably won’t be able to get anything but watch me this but someday I will. parley-adidas-ultra-boost-uncaged-november-2016-01


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