Kenzo x H&M Event *Experience/Details On The Collection*

I was one of the luckiest individuals to attend the Kenzo x H&M event. Before I continue, I would love to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO H&M! Thank You so much for allowing me and my guest to attend such a beautiful, fun, funky, chic, awesome, party filled, cool vibes, memorable event. Another Thank You for opening my snapchat entry and selecting my illustration it meant so much to me <3. This is one of the best fashion events/shows I’ve seen and been to in my life so far. It was only last Wednesday and I am still gushing over this. It was a night to never forget and one of my favorite nights of 2016.

The event was held at Pier 36 on the Lower East Side/South Street Seaport & close to Brooklyn. There was a huge line to get in and next thing I know a photographer saw me and my outfit and took a picture of my custom distressed denim jeans + my Adidas Originals Chinese New Year Tubular Doom kicks *Thank You, you got taste*.  Pier 36 is a huge pier and it was so cool to see how something so simple turn into this huge extravagant event. My guest and I found our seats and waited eagerly to see what was next. The Pier was pretty hot inside I can’t lie I wish the AC was on because I was sweating like hell and everyone else was complaining :(. But that did not stop me for not anticipating what was next.

The music starts to play, we hear the orchestra then beat boxing. As soon as the both musical instruments collide the curtain falls down, we are presented with a live band wearing some pieces from the hyped up collection. Within minutes the dancers arrive and models wearing the entire collection, bringing an extravagant entrance and presentation to the audience. Here are some pictures, enjoy 🙂img_0253img_0254-1img_0254img_0255img_0257

After the collection is presented Kenzo & H&M turn the event into a night club with aa DJ, A Bar + Dim Sum/Asain Food and a special performance by Ice Cube. Unfortunately I will not post any videos from the event. But like I said it was a night to remember and I am still gushing about it right now. Let’s move on to the collection, the pop up shop was insane everyone was attacking the racks and barely leaving anything left. Hopefully for anyone who is lining up it’s more of a peaceful experience. My guest and I found  ourselves searching high and low for the items we wanted. She was able to get 1 of 2 items she wanted, I on the other hand saw a couple of things I wanted but was super selective. I was able to get 2 thing I really wanted but the rest I was out of luck for. If you know what you want get it fast!

The best part of the collection I can tell you now is the outerwear, denim pants, t-shirts, sweaters they are the best pieces. Will I line up? possibly that’s if I have the funds by the time this comes out which is November 3rd 2016 at midnight on H& The pieces I hope to score are

+ the 1 t-shirt. Of all the pieces that sold out that night from what I hope to score was everything but the socks. Some of the garments have premium quality meaning some are made better than others.  If I am unable to get anything sigh there is always eBay ?  but I am hoping that is not the case. At the end of this post, I will post a picture from the event. For sure I believe this will sell out in selected markets in the USA but globally it will be a hit. Hopefully they made a lot because I want some more threads and I can see this attracting only certain people. IMG_0259.JPG

Some of these pieces are for the young, bold, edgy individuals like myself and there are some pieces for the safe and basics. Personally I want the faux fur hoodie, the socks, one t shirt and the jeans hopefully if they fit. The reversible kimono jacket is awesome I would love that even though it’s definitely gonna be out of my reach :(. Good luck to everyone lining up, make your lists now and plan it.



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