Kenzo x H&M *Picks/Opinion*


  • Cool earrings they are at least $35-40. From a first glance it’s definitely on the cool side. Would I cop? No, I do not trust the quality of this item.


  •  I love the silhouette + the fact it’s reversible. On the downside this goes for at least $299/300. Hm this is one piece that can be a hit or a miss, meaning some will buy it and some won’t. But this is a steal and staple piece. I am kinda curious about the quality. I’ve had one expensive piece from a previous collaboration. One of the best things I have + wear still in great condition. I am hoping for anyone buying this it would be the same.


  • This unisex pouch/bag $60.00 this is a steal. Screen printed with some embossing/embroidery detail love it. Would I cop it? Maybe this is one piece that would be better to see in person. Still cool.


  • This will be $30 bucks for 3 socks. Question is why are they that expensive?The colors and prints are definitely dope on the socks. Cop or drop? for me? drop…’s cool but I don’t think I would spend that much on a pairs of socks from H&M.


  • Cool concept, beautiful execution but not sure if its worth the pricing. Sorry H&M this would’ve been cool as  something else.


  • This piece reminds me of when Kenzo first started to do prints like these and Beyonce  wore them. This print was on Kenzo x New Era hats + vans and etc. Cop or drop? Drop I am not fond of zippers from their bags. I have a clutch that I wore numerous of times and the zipper is broken. I still love the clutch but it’s not worth the money to fix and this isn’t worth to buy.


  • $99 not bad for a multi printed sweater definitely for the daring ones. Cop or drop? Possibly cop but it’s one piece I wouldn’t stress over as much because a lot of men and women will get this.


  •  I always wanted pants from Kenzo but can never afford it so this is the best option I have. Yes cop definitely a  staple and for $129 thats not so bad considering it’s yes cheaper but still looks decent to wear for any season. I love the print <3. Yup if I can I would!!


  • I believe this is 300 something or 400 something. Yes it’s higher but this is  a reversible jacket meaning you have two garments for the price of one. Also this is detachable. Meaning you can wear this as a bomber, so technically it’s 4 garments in one. Cop or drop? For me? drop not my kinda of style but I love the design/effort.


  • I love this piece. Yup $349 here on the higher side but its a puffy bomber jacket. It’s  fresh take on two things the puffy jacket / bomber jacket. Super cool, chic, fun, and cool with details. Would I cop? Yes but I wouldn’t stress over it.


  • I love this piece the moment I saw this! $60 bucks definitely on the cheap side. I know this is one piece that will be sold out because of the price and the women/ men who want this piece. Cop? Hell yeah! Also this can kinda match my Kenzo x New Era hat. Clashing prints like an animal yay!


  • Cool print. $35 is how much this goes for. Cop? drop.


  • $99 bucks is s steal for Kenzo pants. Cop? Yes, yeah it daring and a piece many will hate and love but its cool. It reminds me of LMFAO but also how boring pants have been getting for men so nice take!


  • One pice many people will buy! This goes for $129 for the jumpsuit yes its in the mens section but it’s unisex. Cop? nah lol. But I still want a jumpsuit or I can make one.


$99 for this hoodie. It’s pretty bold and one of those staple pieces. Would I cop? Yes but I am curious to see this in person. I would wear this, the jokes will be coming but it’s for the daring ones.


$30.00, cool concept but not sure about the pricing.


  • Not sure how much this is but this one will sell out fast. Its a reversible jacket with two bold prints. Honestly I would cop but it reminds me of something I already have it looks like a karate jacket with prints? I already have a karate jacket that’s embroidered.

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