Kenzo x H&M *My Favorite Pieces*


  • Personally the printed pants are the best ones in this look. The jacket and sweater are cool but the pants are my favorite as of now.


  •   The printed animal pants ind different colors are my favorite here as well. Yeah the look is cool but the sweater looks cheap and the flip flops. Sorry H&M not worth the price your going to mark it up for!mtqymdu2mzkymjgxmzy3nziw
  • The jacket is a staple I love it, super fun, chic, unisex, fun, and fun to dress up and down. Quality wise I can’t confirm but it looks decent. From experience H&M leather jackets are pretty legit. This is on the poly/cotton side. I love the details and homage to the original Kenzo line.mtqymdu2mzkymdeyotk3odaw
  • The bomber so rich in detail but question the quality. I hope the zippers don’t break after a year. Yes H&M your zippers need to improve especially on the clutchesmtqymdu2mzkymdeyody2nzi4
  • The reversible jacket is a staple and a must I love it. The homage to the original Kenzo line props to that! It looks like its’ kimono inspired which I appreciate super trendy, iconic and from years to come this will be another memorable piecemtqymdu2mzkymjgxnji5odyz
  • If those are tights thats cool? Socks maybe? The long sleeve shirt is one of my favorite pieces super trendy, fashionable, memorable and versatile for any season. The scarf? its cool but I’ll pass. The screen printed hoodie I like but maybe a better lookmtqymdu2mzkymjgxnty0mzi3
  • The reversible, two in one jacket is cool. I don’t think i would buy it but I appreciate the detail and effort in design and executionmtqymdu2mzkymjgxmzaymtgz
  • PANTS!!!mtqymdu2mzkyntq5odazmtc1
  • Hoodie is cool. The backpack is a pass it looks like it would break easily unfortunately. Th sweater is cool but for me not my typemtqymdu2mzkymjgxndmzmju1
  • The shirt is still my favorite. Everything else is a pass for me. I am more excited to see the detailed photos of the product range and price line up.

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