Toy Story x Vans *Just Announced*

Toy Story x Vans have just announced their collaboration and will be revealed next month. For more information here is the official link Toy Story x Vans . There have been a couple of leaked photos of what is being sold in the collaboration but no official release date. I am super duper excited about this, this is one of my favorite Pixar films as a kid and till this day :). Since I was able to find pictures of what is being sold, I have attached them on this post but I will update everyone when they release the full product line up. Happy Hunting !3-17-24-135-127bd7b67f-c558-4b83-8f18-ad88a66e0065646a9a75-cba2-4aa3-8083-657d17863f9213672059_10153582077605981_803319473_n-550x546b6920315-1a48-40c2-ad51-2d4c7f44fed0logovansedge_1vansedge_2vansedge_3vansedgevansweblogo


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