Artist Spotlight: J.Balvin (September Edition)

Every month I will be posting an ” Artist Spotlight “. The artist spotlight will feature an artist who appeal to my ears. September Edition’s of the Artist Spotlight is Colombian Superstar J. Balvin. J.Balvin is from Medellin, Colombia (South America) and the ladies and even guys love him. Even though he is a latino rapper, his abilities aren’t limited this man can also sing, play the guitar and write music. He is still new to the game but not new enough being exposed to the lime light. Some of you may know him from his collaboration with Justin Bieber (Sorry Latino Remix), which is one of my favorites.  He had also collaborated with Major Lazer, DJ, Snake, MO & Farruko on the song lean on remix. He has also collaborated with Ariana Grande, Prince Royce and many more.

J.Balvin has solo work as well from albums such as ” La Familia , La Familia B-Sides, J.Balvin Mixtape and his latest Energia “. His most popular songs are, bobo, ginza, 6 am featuring Farruko , ay vamos, safari featuring Pharrell, Bia & Sky. J.Balvin is one of those rappers who came on to the scene and makes a statement. He makes a statement through his music, his choice of clothing, his appearance and what he wants to achieve. One thing I realized while following him on social media is how appreciative he is of everything that comes his way and everyone. It’s a rare thing to see someone with that much success, power and influence and still be humble. Another thing I came across  while following him on social media was he isn’t afraid to be himself, express him and break the boundaries of  the stereotypical latino guy, latino rapper or the stereotypical Colombian guy and I love him for that!

I can list so many things on how he changing the game for the latin community both in USA & South America but I won’t. But I will say this, you deserve every bit of it. It’s nice to see a latino rapper with some fashion sense it’s attractive. I understand why there is so much love, hype, support around him. I never liked him when he first started but I gave him a chance and now I am such a fan girl over him. Here is a couple of  links to his official website, his new album and social media,

J.Balvin Official Website

J.Balvin’s Official Instagram

JBalvin Official Facebook

J.Balvin Official Youtube Channel

Energia By J.Balvin Itunes   .

He currently on tour in Mexico and will soon be in Europe. I am uncertain if he will tour in the USA this year but whenever he does, I am so going! He is one of those artists who will bring others together from different places and will make a huge crossover in the near future. Since he is into fashion expect his merchandise to be super dope. Well this is the September Edition of the Artist Spotlight presenting J.Balvin. Explore, Enjoy and ” feel that energia, I did liked  loved it.



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