HYPE x Pokemon

British streetwear brand HYPE will be dropping a collaboration with one of the most popular things this year Pokemon. Pokemon Go was one of the biggest games that went viral the fastest. HYPE x Pokemon have  joined forces to create a limited collaboration. This will be released on September 23rd. This is one of those collaborations that will be popular amongst those who are into fashion, read fashion blogs, geeks, fans of both companies. Will this sell out? Of course! But I also think this will be the type of thing where if someone were to wear it, someone will follow.

For more information here is a link HYPE x Pokemon Go . For a sneak peak of what to expect here is a link to their promo video + pictures https://player.vimeo.com/video/182124324“>HYPE x Pokemon Go Promo Video . I see couple of pieces I like but I am not sure how fast I will be able to get them. I am  ” hyped ” about this collaboration but I am more excited to see how it looks like in person/online. Pictures, photoshop are one thing and are tools to make anything look good. I am also curious about the quality, I hope it’s better than Lazy Oaf’s!hype-pokemon-collection-02hype-pokemon-collection-01hype-pokemon-collection-03hype-pokemon-collection-15hype-pokemon-collection-14hype-pokemon-collection-13hype-pokemon-collection-12hype-pokemon-collection-11hype-pokemon-collection-10hype-pokemon-collection-09hype-pokemon-collection-08hype-pokemon-collection-07hype-pokemon-collection-06hype-pokemon-collection-05hype-pokemon-collection-04


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