Nasir Mazhar x Topman

Nasir Mazhar x Topman is one of those collaborations that came unexpectedly. As a fan of both parties I was actually surprised, happy and shocked that this had all happened. But in true sprit of both parties instead of hyping it up (like H&M) Topman tends to be sneaky about it which I love personally. I do hope they are affordable. For those who do not know both companies are British. Nasir Mazhar is a very popular British designer known for his classic uniform style silhouettes, his choice of color he adds to his aesthetic of  streetwear, his pattern making and his bold statements. This collaboration is so on trend and what is currently happening in fashion right now so I am for it! This also gives new fans, old fans, younger fans and the young 20s such as myself to afford these pieces.

The price range is rom $30-130 I believe, hopefully cheaper. This is the best collaboration they had did since Astrid Andersen. All pieces are in the slideshow below. This collaboration is a 10 piece capsule collection.  My favorite pieces are in a collage, enjoy and happy hunting 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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