Katie Eary x IKEA (Review)

Katie Eary is a menswear designer from London, who is known to pushing the boundaries with her daring, whimsical, unique prints, colors and graphics. She is also known for designing for Kanye West.This is Katie Eary’s first collaboration with IKEA and Ikea’s first designer collaboration. This collection is limited so if your are interested in purchasing any items by all means do it now! I was able to snatch all the items I had wanted.

The items I had purchased were the pre-cut digitally printed cotton fabrics, one of the t-shirts, one of the tote bags  and one of the duvet covers. I was able to get all the precut fabrics for $15 per yard which is very reasonable in my opinion. Yes I can’t lie I may get more fabric from this collection. The digital prints on the cotton were perfect to me. I am super excited to make myself a couple of things. I haven’t made anything yet but I am thinking of what I can do. For those interested in the 3 pre-cut fabrics I highly recommend it.

I was able to get one tote bag and t-shirt I had wanted. I can honestly say those who are interested in both items, they  are a steal for the price. I appreciate how the tote bag was constructed especially the pattern, it’s a big tote bag just how I like it. The graphic for the tote bags came out very well, well  more than I expected. I also enjoyed the way how the graphic t shirt was printed its visually stunning . One thing I can say about the printing is, it wasn’t your typical screen printed shirt and after a couple of washes and wears the picture ” cracks “. For this garment there was this glossy touch to the graphic, for me this is something new but let’s see how it comes out?  The duvet cover I purchased was the ” Animated Life Like Fantasy Fish ” cover. I know it maybe an odd choice but out of the 3 that was offered to customers, this one stood out the most. Another reason could be I always wanted to know how a water bed felt so maybe I was reminded about that? Ha, Ha.

For anyone who is still interested in purchasing any by all means I encourage it. Remember the is limited and their next collaboration is already next month. I have attached a picture below what I had purchased, enjoy 😀IMG_5392



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