IKEA x Walter Van Beirendonck

Ikea will be dropping another ” Designer Collection” sometime this June. From the reports I have read on other sites, their collaboration with famous Avant-Garde  designer Walter Van Beirendonck. He is very famous for his unique taste on fashion, politics and always making  statement. He is one of my favorite european designers and creatives. This is his first partnership with Ikea and it is super duper exciting. I did some little digging around and found some promotional photos. Their collaboration will be called ” Glodande “. 

Glodande will be Ikea’s second batch for designer collaborations since Katie Eary which was just released. I am not sure if this is Ikea’s first year of collaborating with other designers but I do like what I am seeing. After what I had bought from the Katie Eary collection which I highly recommend, I did notice they get creative with giving their collaborations names and how they make it super accessible and super exclusive. I appreciate anything that is exclusive and this is one of them. I have attached the promo pictures below, enjoy 🙂PH134122ikea-walter-van-beirendonck-glödande-4188ikea-walter-van-beirendonck-glödande-4162ikea-walter-van-beirendonck-glödande-4121ikea-walter-van-beirendonck-glödande-4120ikea-walter-van-beirendonck-glödande-4118ikea-walter-van-beirendonck-glödande-4117ikea-walter-van-beirendonck-glödande-3487ikea-walter-van-beirendonck-glödande-3420ikea-walter-van-beirendonck-glödande-3416ikea-walter-van-beirendonck-glödande-3411ikea-walter-van-beirendonck-glödande-3410ikea-walter-van-beirendonck-glödande-3408ikea-walter-van-beirendonck-glödande-3407


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