Uniqlo and Kaws partnered up for a special limited collaboration. The Uniqlo UT line is a special project creating limited edition products. Uniqlo x Kaws collaboration will be limited edition t shirts for men and women. This special collaboration will be released apparently in March. There is no word on the price or what day it will be available but get ready! I am guessing since this is limited collection it will be available in selected cities and their e-commerce with purchasing instructions. I have attached the promotional pictures and a sneak peak of what to expect, enjoy 🙂FullSizeRender-1MTM2Nzg0NzE4MDE1MjQzODcxMTM2Nzg0NzE1NTk5MzI0NzY5FullSizeRender-4

P.S. I read somewhere there is suppose to be 12 t-shirts but nothing has been confirmed yet. Yes I will post a review /pick-up if I am able to  get anything. I do have my eye on 2 shirts. I am hoping I am able to get this, yup I am very excited.

For more information: Uniqlo x Kaws


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