F O G Fear Of God x PacSun (Review + Pick Up)

F O G x PacSun released their final drop of #collectionone on January 23rd 2016. I had recently received mine. The week of this drop there was a Blizzard his name was JONAS.  The piece I was able to snag was the Fear Of God Metallica Boxy T-Shirt and the only piece I wanted from this drop. Overall I am satisfied with how PacSun handled their orders and I was able to get what I had wanted unlike the first drop. The Fear Of God Metallica Boxy T-shirt has a nice oversized fit which I appreciated. The design execution was precise and very Jerry Lorenzo/ Fear Of God. But the only thing I did not appreciate from this drop was the quality of the printing of the shirt it feels like an average t-shirt but now to think about it maybe that’s what makes it truly special?

But I am excited for #collectiontwo & #collectionthree 🙂 I have attached detailed pictures of the garment I was able to get. For those who are on the search for anything from this drop check your local PacSun store, PacSun E-Commerce and others. I hope you all enjoyed this review and happy hunting 😀




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