Online Marketing: Assignment

Anthony G is a unisex brand that caters to both women and men. The brand was conceived in New York City by Anthony G himself. Anthony G is for those who are not afraid to express themselves in a animated free spirit way. This brand is for the fearless, bold, cute, playful, cool and awesome individual. All products are cut and sew, hand made, hand selected and detailed. All products are in limited quantities and will not be reproduced. Anthony G is an exclusive brand with a unique style and taste.


The following products are a lego brooch with a metal backing (1 of 1), halloween button brooch with a silver metal backing (1 of 1). Another product that is featured is the animated color blocking multi fabric bucket hat. This bucket hat is a 1 of 1 and features a cartoon favorite known as ” The Simpsons “ which is one of Anthony G’s favorites. Here are detailed pictures of the following products mentioned.


For further information, interest and etc please contact us via email. Thank You so much, Have a great day:)



For those who read this post thank you so much, this is an assignment for the online marketing of the course. Please be respectful of my work both on this blog, my pinterest, instagram and all of my content that includes photos and products. As of now these are all things i have made for myself. This is also a mockup of what my company page will sort of look like. Thank You so much.


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