My audience

My audience on Instagram has attracted other followers from the USA to places such as Austria  and other countries. Sometimes with the things I posts to the hashtags I use that is how I get more followers or likes. My audience is still building with the little followers I have but I know I will reach more followers sooner or later. My audience on my wordpress is building and I was shocked from when I had started my wordpress till now, I was being found and read in several countries. The countries that have visited my wordpress since I am capable of seeing them are, USA, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Mexico, England, Italy, Austria, Japan, China, Canada, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Romania, Germany and Taiwan and many more. I do believe my wordpress just like my instagram will continue to grow. My pinterest, unfortunately, I do not have any followers or likes but I do believe people have probably looked at my page I am unaware of who it is though.


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