Star Wars and the Power Of Costume Exhibition

STAR WARS and the Power Of Costume Exhibition is currently showing at Discovery Times Square in New York City. This exhibition opened last year in November and will apparently be opened until September 2016. This exhibition focuses on the history of how the costumes were made, from details to the garments , the process, to the sketches, the inspiration and it features all of the episodes including the latest film. This is one exhibit no Star Wars fan should miss at all. This exhibit features over 70 costumes from all the episodes except Kylo Ren & Captain Phasma which was upsetting (Seriously?).

Overall I enjoyed the exhibit with the various rooms, details of the costumes, the lovely beautiful fabric choices, details by hand and machine and the color palette. I also enjoyed the process how to create these costumes to the inspiration and the sketches. As a fashion student/ aspiring designer it was awe dropping and an experience one can only dream to have their hands touch such a presence. I won’t ruin any surprises but I did enjoy specific rooms. I was surprised to see some of the new characters were featured in this exhibit. For those who can not attend or those who want to see what was it like inside, I have attached detailed photos from the exhibition. Happy New Year and Enjoy :)`



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