F O G Fear Of God x Pacsun (Review/Pick-Up)

F O G Fear Of God the diffusion line for Fear Of God was just released this past Friday at selected Pacsun retail locations and Online. Some were lucky to find it Thursday. Unfortunately I was unable to get anything online and at any local Pacsun store the day of the release. But I woke up Saturday morning thinking maybe I should check some local stores to see what was left in stock. I had a feeling someone who had worked at Pacsun was trying to catch my attention on Friday but I was blasting my music and heading into another store. Saturday morning I made a couple of phone calls to my local Pacsun locations to see if anything would appear and as a result I found the one item I really wanted from this drop. The item I was able to purchase was the black sleeveless bomber jacket/vest.

I was pretty satisfied when I purchased the item I had longed for. I was also satisfied with the details Jerry Lorenzo and Pacsun had added to the garment such as the logo placement on all the zippers, the lengthy zippers , the fit, choice of color and versatility of how to style it. I was impressed with the quality for something that price it was worth the purchase. Yes, this is a diffusion line but it does not mean the quality can’t be there. For the price it’s decent quality and a lot better than any bomber jacket I’ve ever had from certain places. It did not feel cheap which I appreciated a lot. As a fashion student, I did feel both parties wanted to please the customers unlike some companies. If you are able to purchase any items go for it, it’s a bargain but for those internationally I do hope they include you all on the next drop.

The next drop for F O G Fear Of God is December 23rd 2015 at selected Pacsun retail locations and online. I have attached a couple of detailed pictures of the black sleeveless bomber 🙂 Enjoy and good luck on the next drop. I am very excited for Collection 2, 3 & 4. BRING IT JERRY!




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