H&M x Balmain (Pick Up/Review)

So it’s a month later after the  complete madness H&M & Balmain have caused with their highly profiled collaboration. This was the one H&M collaboration everyone around the world wanted and resold on Ebay, Depop and other places.Unfortunately I was not able to get everything I had hoped to get maybe one day Balmain can release something similar or hunt on eBay :(. But I had spoke to an H&M rep a day or two after it’s release she had told me to keep checking up online on the H&M site because a lot of people will be returning items or canceling orders and Yes I found many pieces. I was able to snatch 2 pieces I had wanted. In end, I returned  the one item because I wanted someone else to have the piece.

The piece I had surprisingly got was the beautiful embroidered silver clutch. I was even shocked when I had received it in the mail how beautiful it is, you can definitely smell and feel the genuine 100% leather. As for the pieces they used to embroider the clutch are decent quality but for the price it is a bargain for what Balmain has originally cost. Both versions of the clutch are beautiful both H&M and Balmain. I was hoping the blue, green and red versions of the embroidered clutch would be on sale but that was only for the fashion show held in New York City. Overall I am satisfied with the quality, design, execution definitely one of my favorites over the Alexander Wang x H&M no offense. But I wish I could have bought more but one day I will be able to. Otherwise here are pictures of the item I was able to purchase, Enjoy 😀







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