F O G (Fear Of God) x Pacsun

Dropping December 11th 2015 at Pacsun Stores and online this week is F O G by Jerry Lorenzo. For those who are unfamiliar with Jerry Lorenzo you will now. He is the creative director, founder of Fear Of God. His upcoming collaboration with Pacun will be the diffusion line of Fear Of God. The price range for F O G will be around $40-$300. This is a menswear  collection but it does not mean women can not wear this either. I have selected a couple of looks that I enjoyed the most. I really love the styling for this lookbook it’s very Mr.Lorenzo and those models remind me of him.

I definitely will be online or pop by the local Pacsun store for this. Here are my selected looks ;FOG Lookbook_2_nxrx5rFOG Lookbook_3_nxrx6tFOG Lookbook_4_nxrx80FOG Lookbook_5_nxrx8gFOG Lookbook_9_nxrxa2FOG Lookbook_15_nxrxh6

Here is also the link on PacSun.com to sign up for further details about the drop,  F O G x Pacsun . I am excited for this and can not wait to add my on touch to the pieces I plan to get. I love the silhouettes as well,  Enjoy 🙂


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