New Music: M.I.A.

M.I.A. Matahdatah Scroll 01 ” Broader Then The Border “ <—– Here is the link to one of her latest music videos  that dropped earlier this month. It’s been awhile since we all have seen any mv’s from M.I.A. but this is definitely doing justice. In her latest mv she is bringing different cultures together along with music, fashion and religion. M.I.A. is definitely one of the biggest stars and pop stars that has always reinvented herself in a way that is always iconic. Whether you agree she is iconic is not my concern to me she is and is ahead of her time and most within the game. I did peep the use of swords fighting in the song and I love the sound it adds drama and makes a statement. M.I.A. never ceases to let down her fans and always puts on a good show when she goes on tour!

I can not wait for this new album to come out. I wonder what this new era brings, I love the diversity she brings to each album with sound, fashion, image and politics. Dear M.I.A. I wish you the best with the new era, music, etc. I can not wait to see you on tour again 🙂


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