New Music: ” Hello Bi+ches By CL “

Hello Bi+ches By Cl <— Is the link to the latest music by Cl. Cl is one of the members of the popular and loved groups from South Korea known as ” 2NE1 “. This is another non-official single for her USA Debut. Before hello bi+ches, she also had doctor pepper and dirty vibe with Skrillex and G-Dragon. Hello At first  I had no idea what to expect, I was thinking this was a full length english single but it turned out to be a bi-lingual single with Korean and English. The dance video is what I expected choreography  to the “ T”, nice wardrobes, catchy lyrics it is a very smooth transition into the American market but Globally speaking. CL, I can not wait for the upcoming Ep which is called ” Lifted “ according to music blogs.

I do believe she  has a big chance in making it huge not only in the USA but in other markets such as Europe, Australia, South/Central America, Canada, Africa and etc. Hello Bi+ches will have a fantastic video from what CL has posted on her Instagram . What will be interesting is how those who have no idea who she is how will they react! Many still have no idea who she is and there are not that many Asian pop stars that make it huge in the USA and other markets besides Asia. CL I wish you the best as you make your global debut even though its for the USA you have a huge following around the globe <3. I Can not wait to see you in person, on tour, hear lifted & the full debut.




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