Gazing Ball Paintings By Jeff Koons

These are the several images I took while I attending the ” Gazing Ball Paintings By Jeff Koons ” . There are several rooms to this exhibition but I decided to only take a few pictures because I wanted to feel  the atmosphere as a creative. I had brought my mum to see this exhibit it was quite interesting to see how she responded and even myself.  A lot of this exhibition featured the beautiful blue gazing ball with historic settings. As a creative and a fan I went in with an open mind but my guest was asking a lot of questions and did not appreciate that there was no explanation. While walking in each room, I was in awe and just like my guest I had questions of my own.

Jeff Koons is one of my favorite artist and this was one exhibit as a fan that everyone should attend. The questions that popped inside my head and my guest were,  what glue did he use to put gazing ball on to the wood? Was these paintings his or someone else’s works? Would he made this exhibition bigger?  For those who can attend I highly suggest you should and for those who can’t here is a review and some photos.


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