H&M Design Award 2015

H&M Design Award 2015 is the link to the winner of the H&M Design Award collection. This collection was a competition against other design students across the globe.  Ximon Lee is the winner of this year. The Ximon Lee collaboration was just released last Thursday in selected H&M stores and online as well. For those who are fortunate like myself who were able to get pieces, my favorites were the oversized denim jacket & the denim shorts.  This along with Minju Kim are my personal student design award favorites.  I am interested to see what is next for Ximon Lee and congrats on the 8 piece capsule collection which sold out fast online.

The Ximon Lee X H&M pieces I have gotten are that epic. I can see why and how he won the competition and was showcased at the VFILES Fashion show this year in February. What I loved about the collection was the use of words on the clothing, I thought was pretty playful. Also with the silhouettes, details to the heavily dyed fabric to design details such as the collar and the zippers and how unisex/diverse these garments transform into. I do think this was one game changer for collaborations from a student. I will post pictures of the outfit sooner or later.  I can not wait to see what is next.


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