H&M Collaborations

So the highly anticipated BAlMAIN X H&M collaboration drops next week on Nov.5. Yes I will share my experience and what I had gotten as well. After the Balmain collaboration drops, it does leave the question which fashion house or designer is next! If H&M collaborates in the spring which has been awhile. Personally I would love to see that. But here are my picks for next years collaboration, 1. Givenchy, 2.Prada, 3.Dior, 4. Oscar De La Renta, 5. Tom Ford, 6.Vivienne Westwood, 7. Alexander Mcqueen.  Who ever is next, I can not wait to hear it 🙂

My favorites have been, Versace because of the prints and colors and Marni because eco-friendly, the color palette, choices or prints and silhouettes. Other favorites are Maison Martin Margiela because the asethic was executed very well and the quality was decent as well, this was a very avant-garde/kitsch collaboration which was awesome. Anna Dello Russo was not everyones favorite just like MMM, I love how bold it was and some may have found it tacky but the sunglasses were the coolest shades H&M has came out with till this day.  Let’s see how Balmain x H&M plays out, I am curious to see anyone on the street to social media how its executed. Have a great day everyone 😀


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