Sorry By Justin Bieber ( Dance Video)

Sorry By Justin Bieber the link I have provided is a link to the song (Dance Video).  To be honest I never was a huge fan of the Bieber or Biebs but recently from songs such as Sorry, What Do You Mean, Where Are U Now? With Jack U, All That Matters & Heartbreaker. He has improved a lot vocally and content and I absolutely love it!! Sorry, Where Are U Now? & What Do You Mean? will all be featured on upcoming album ” Purpose ” which drops next month.  Purpose comes out on November 13th 2015.

I can not wait to see what this album has in stored, I am loving what I am hearing. Never thought I would be a decent fan of his but these songs I am hearing are great. No I will not talk about Selena Gomez within this post but I do think all their recent singles feel like they are talking about each other, does anyone else agree? Maybe I am overreacting but it feels authentic. Regardless Bieber I am choosing your side when it comes to music, Best of Everything 🙂

Sorry By Justin Bieber


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