Research Trip: Sizing

IMG_3186     For an assignment instructed by my establishment that I am currently in, I had a recent research trip on sizing within the fashion industry specifically within department stores. I had went to the following H&M, TOPMAN & Forever21. I had tried on two bottoms, one from H&M and one from TOPMAN. In the tops, I tried on one from Forever21 and one from TOPMAN.  I did notice the sizing difference between Forever21 and TOPMAN where I had tried on 2 sweaters or jumpers. I did realize the Forever21 size felt a lot more bigger whereas the TOPMAN jumper felt like it was a smaller size. The size I had tried on is the size I normally am.

For the bottoms, I had tried one one bottom from H&M and one from TOPMAN. I did realize the big difference. Both sizes were identical to my own size and the size I normally wear at H&M felt nice but the TOPMAN size felt a lot better in my opinion. I did love both bottoms and would wear them more than once on several occasions. On both occasions while going to both department stores, I did notice also which company of the 3 has the best quality to the worst quality for products. I also do know that the sizing will always be different because the manufacturer that the company obtains their products. I had a pretty fun time with this trip and I decided to share the types of garments I tried on as well shown above.


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